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起業家の英語 試読

102Track32レールの敷かれた人生では、イノベーションなんて生まれないinnovative: 革新、一新experience: 認識・理解(経験して得た知識)sort of: 多少の、いくらかのout of the ordinary: 並外れたpoet: 詩人leper: ハンセン病患者fall off: 離れる、取れるstuff:( 漠然とした)ものSJ: But the key thing is that if you’re gonnamake connections which are innovative,you’ve?to connect two experiencestogether, that you have to not have ? thesame bag of experiences as everyone elsedoes, or else you’re going to make thesame connections, and then you won’t beinnovative, and then nobody will give you anaward.So, what you gotta do is get differentexperiences than the normal course ofevents. And one of the funny things aboutbeing bright is everyone puts you on thispath, you know, to go to high school, go tocollege... I’ve heard about some kid that’s 14on his way to Stanford, and that’s great.That’s sort of ? out of the ordinary, but youmight want to think about going to Parisand being a poet for a few years, you know.Or you might wanna go to a third worldcountry. ?I’d highly advise that?and seepeople and lepers with their hands fallingoff and all that stuff. It’s very much so worthdoing.Section 3normal course of events:自然の成り行きスピーチ